Friday, August 13, 2010

A triple threat of live material to start things off...

Here we have three live sets from the show that took place at the BBQ Iguana in Washington DC on December 9, 1989. As you can see by the flier, it was a solid show. Supertouch, Shades Apart, Vision, and Far Cry. I don't have the Far Cry set, but all 3 of the other bands were captured on tape that day, and are presented here from the master tapes. This is one of many 'No Scene Zine' shows I went to.

(Though the songs are split up separately, the song titles are not listed - sorry)


  1. can never have enough live supertouch sets. thanks for sharing. a real fucking band. they came to play. no one in hardcore could jam like that, or had that dynamic. i never saw them in their heyday, but you can hear it searing through the speakers. it breaks my heart thinking they only did one full length. it doesnt make sense how they missed out on that record industry climate that was over saturated with bands.

  2. The sound quality on this thing is banger. Have listened to it three times and can't get enough. About to start that shades apart set. Can't wait for what's to come. Nice work so far!

  3. right before searching for the light you can hear 2 guys talking about someone's receeding hairline. hilarity!!!

  4. I really gotta thank you for putting this up! The flyers are awesome too! I'm gonna figure out the song names for the Shades Apart set. They are playing a show June in NJ! Thanks again!