Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Release - live in Frederick, Md 1989

I'll be honest ... I never knew there was much of a straight-edge scene going on in Frederick, Maryland in the late-80's. I mean, I grew up in Maryland, and Frederick was often called 'Fredneck' because of the supposed large amount of rednecks that lived there. I can't recall when I first heard it called that, but it's what I think of when I see anything about Frederick, Maryland.

Here we have a live set from New Jersey's Release, recorded at the Outreach Center in Frederick, Maryland in March of 1989. The recording was ripped by G-Man from the original cassette tape, courtesy of BW. The tape is over 21 years old, and had been boxed up since the early-90's. It does have a few dropouts & some level changes... but you won't find this set anywhere else, that's for sure.

I saw Release a few times back then, including the Fall Brawl in DC in 1989, as well as The BBQ Iguana in DC. I even interviewed Rob Fish for a zine I did in 1989 called Take A Stand. Enjoy!


This is a flyer for the show it's from. Release was added to the show at the last minute. Thanks to Josh Hart for the heads up & for booking it back then too!

If you like this live set, you can find a bunch of Release studio goodies here from the great Blogged & Quartered site.

For an in-depth history of Release on the Double Cross Webzine, go here.


  1. hey I book DIY punk/hardcore shows in Frederick still. Would love to chat at some point

  2. Hi! I saw the flyer you posted on that show. would you happen to know if the Cause & Effect set was ever recorded? They were from my hometown of Chambersburg, PA. They were a sister band of our HC legends Hateful Display. Members later went on to form the grungy Pagan Virtue, and later still formed the indie band Miss Lonelyheart who sounded kinda like Jawbox sort of. Any info would be appreciated. If not, that's cool. I grabbed your Red C demo btw and it's great! Thanks for your work! Great to see people keeping the faith alive! HxC Forever!