Friday, November 26, 2010

Sheer Terror - Live at 15 Minute Club 9/15/1990

Yet another '20 years ago' posting... this one from September of 1990, from one of my favorite bands ever: SHEER TERROR!

This soundboard tape was actually recorded by accident. The guys in Step Aside (the opening band) asked the soundguy to record their set, and he agreed to do so. Well, he 'thought' he pushed record when they started playing, but he didn't. But he did record the other two bands that played, Sheer Terror & Killing Time. Step Aside got their tape from the soundguy at the end of the show - only to later find out their set was not on it.

I got my copy of the tape from the master back then, and it sounds great, aside from a few level changes that the soundguy did while the bands played.

Some back story on this show... I was already a HUGE Sheer Terror fan prior to this show, but had not seen them in-person until this fateful day. I had my hopes set pretty high, and they didn't disappoint one bit! Some hilarious DC-centric jokes between songs, and even some new(at the time) songs sprinkled in, it was a ton of fun! Heck, they even play a snippet of a Fugazi song as a joke too.

Due to the show starting late(ie on 'hardcore time'), the club only allowed Killing Time to play a really short set after Sheer Terror. I think they played 4-5 songs back to back, and really out of tune... but it was Killing Time, so the crowd still went nuts for such a short set from them. Maybe I will post it in the future, but who knows?!?

Sheer Terror - Live at 15 Minute Club 1990


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  2. Great set! Any chance that Step Aside set exists somewhere?